Who We Are

Manufacturing Facility Dedicated to External Applications

Hitech Formulations is an exclusive Dermatology & Cosmetology manufacturing company offering full range products in clinical dermatology, specialty cosmetology and dental segment. We are committed to providing effective, innovative and high quality products to our clients.

The reason for our existence is our understanding that Dermatology and Dentistry are specialized domains within pharmaceuticals and require expertise knowledge and particular skills.

We stand for effective & stable formulas, innovative thinking and technical know-how and the Time-Honored Relationships we share with our customers.

Why Us

Our expertise lies in formulation development,packing Development and Ingredient Knowledge. We work as Product formulators, End to end manufacturers andKnowledge disseminators – providing in-depth technical know how Our complete range of products covers various therapeutic segments like acne, alopecia, hyper pigmentation, fungal infections, hair greying, hair loss and so on

Our Strengths

Formulation Development
  • Represents the core at Hitech Formulations
  • Dedicated team committed to new product development
  • Associated with top Clinical Research Laboratories for safety and efficacy studies
  • Provide 360 degree access to all services associated with product formulation
  • Market research
  • Identifying Innovative and effective products
  • Regulatory support
Packaging Development
  • Expertise in broad range product types and package styles
  • Provide latest and up to date packaging options
  • In house team dedicated to designing and developing primary and secondary
ingredient Knowledge
  • The key to product development is our own know how accumulated over years of technical evolution
  • We pride ourselves in developing scientific rationale based products
  • Provide internationally acclaimed research based ingredients

Our Vision

“To be a leading dedicated External Applications company in India, providing innovative and affordable solution in Skin Care and Aesthetics”

Our Mission is to become the most valued Pharma Partner in Dermatology & Cosmetology in India by continuously providing research, developing and manufacturing a wide range of Innovations in Dermo Cosmetic products that comply with the highest regulatory standards