The under-eye is a commonly accentuated area to reflect an individual’s health and beauty. So, any changes around the area ranging from hyperpigmentation/melanosis, puffiness, fine lines, skin laxity, discoloration creates functional or psychological implications.

However, offering effective treatments is challenging owing to the sensitive under-eye skin, different periorbital anatomy and multifactorial etiology.

The problems related to the under-eye skin vary so vividly, that even the best skin lightening formulations fail to treat periorbital pigmentation and other under eye concerns.


Our research team is always looking for new ways to address various under-eye issues, as well as ingredients and technologies that have been shown to be effective and safe for the delicate skin around the eyes.Faster product absorption is at the heart of any effective under eye formulation, for which our team is constantly researching.

As a result, we have developed formulations with unmatched textures that provide an excellent consumer experience for some of the most prevalent under eye concerns including:

  • Under eye Bags & Crows feet
  • Periorbital pigmentation (Dark Circles)
  • Puffiness


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