About Us

Hitech Formulations is an exclusive Dermatology & Cosmetology manufacturing company offering full range products in clinical dermatology, specialty cosmetology and dental segment. We are committed to providing effective, innovative and high quality products to our clients.

The reason for our existence is our understanding that Dermatology and Dentistry are specialized domains within pharmaceuticals and require expertise knowledge and particular skills.

We stand for effective & stable formulas, innovative thinking and technical know-how and the Time-Honored Relationships we share with our customers.

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Our Strengths

Vision Mission

Formulation Development

Represents the core at Hitech Formulations...


Packaging Development

Expertise in broad range product types and package styles ...

Ingredient Knowledge

The key to product development is our own know how accumulated over...

Our Services

Clinical Dermatology Range

All our resources are channeled to provide medical dermatological solutions that meet...

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Cosmeceuticals Range

Hitech Formulations Pvt Ltd is a Full Service organization dedicated to the needs...

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Dental Care Range

The company holds experience in manufacturing Toothpastes, Mouthwashes...

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Our Clientele

  • sandika
  • brinton
  • hetro
  • veritaz
  • sandika
  • cadila
  • Rhine Pharmaceuticals
  • KLM
  • Med Manor Organics
  • Acumentis
  • Dr Morepen
  • Biochem
  • Anhox
  • Oaknet
  • Ceuticoz