Serums are extremely potent skincare products that target specific skin issues - dryness, blemishes, redness, and pigmentation, with the help of a high concentration of active ingredients. An efficacious serum is one that allows successful penetration of actives into the skin for best results. The cheat code for a successful serum is its unique base that allows deep penetration of actives into the skin.

A few years back, the word ‘hyaluronic’ would bring out confused and blank stares. Today, those same words would open up an hour-long conversation about the most efficient ‘actives’ to go with it along with its molecular weight. Chemistry is no longer limited to the labs. People are consciously deciding the active ingredients that would give a targeted solution to their skin concerns.


Amongst Numerous Serum Formulations, Some of the Key Formulations include:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Serums
  2. Niacinamide Serums
  3. Vitamin C Serums
  4. Pore Refining Serums
  5. Acne Clarifying Serums
  6. Hair Growth Serums
  7. Multipeptide Serums
  8. Enzymatic Exfoliation Serums
  9. Antioxidant Serums


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