A Tightrope between Skin Protection and Aesthetics

Most sunscreen filters in skin care are heavy oils (leading to greasy formulations) or minerals (leaving a white cast). It gets difficult to innovate and manufacture to achieve the right feel and meet the required regulatory guidelines at the same time. Combining optimal stable SPF/PA along with desirable aesthetics is a challenging problem.

Sunscreens are a delicate balance of:

  1. UVA/ UVB Filters for Desired Sun Metrics
  2. Emollients/ Solubilizers
  3. Emulsifiers
  4. Thickeners
  5. Feel Modifiers
  6. Film Formers for Water Resistance
  7. Botanical Agents /UV Boosters


Sunscreens are Equivalent to Pharmaceutical Formulations!

In the world of skincare, not all sunscreens are created equal. Hitech Formulations takes sunscreen formulation to a whole new level — a level that mirrors the precision and scrutiny of pharmaceutical formulations. In fact, did you know that in the United States, sunscreens are categorized as drugs? That means they're held to the most stringent standards and before making any claim, the product needs to undergo stringent testing under recommended standard conditions to substantiate critical sunscreen parameters such as:

  1. SPF/PA Ratings
  2. Water Resistance
  3. Critical Wavelength/Broad-Spectrum
  4. Photostability
  5. Additional claims like Non-Comedogenicity


Our Sunscreens excel on these parameters

  • performs-high

    SPF/PA/Critical Wavelength

  • performs-high

    Low White Cast
    Light on the Skin

  • performs-high


  • 3 of Top 15 sunscreens on Amazon come from us

    We have been formulating Sunscreens for the last 17 years. Our researchers and experts are master sunscreen formulators, continuously experimenting and upgrading their formulations.

  • Consistently delivering on the claims

    FDA and CDSCO have tightened their regulations and scrutinisation more than ever before. Our formulations undergo rigorous testing and comply with the requisites to deliver a labelled product that supports its stated performance and safety.

We have brought in

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